Thermographic inspection

Aerial thermography by drone is used to analyse heat loss on buildings, for monitoring photovoltaic power plants, or to help locate leaks on buried heat networks.

UAV thermography has a large number of applications for technical inspection of buildings and industrial facilities. It enables thermal anomalies to be highlighted. It allows us to see what the eye cannot see.

The thermography of a building can reveal thermal anomalies of the envelope in the context of construction expertise (insulation defects, thermal bridges, air infiltrations) and highlight pathologies not visible to the naked eye, such as water infiltrations through flat roofs.

A typical service with thermographic analysis usually includes:

A typical service with thermographic analysis usually includes:

Thermography also makes it possible to detect hot spots and locate faults in electrical and industrial installations (tightening faults, damage to insulation, etc.), or to locate leaks in underground heat networks.

UAV thermography is particularly suitable for photovoltaic installations that are difficult to access on roofs or cover large areas. The UAV will make it possible to identify faulty cells and thus take part in the preventive maintenance operations of the park, in a fast, safe and effective manner.