Quarry or Forest

Use the UAV as a real tool for optimising and managing your mines or quarries.

Thanks to the technique of photogrammetry (digital image capture) by drone with processing by specific software.

We carry out topographical surveys enabling you to measure the volumes of your stocks via 3D modelling.
You can thus better monitor the evolution of your stocks and control the environmental impact of your sites.

We provide you with a reliable, fast, accurate and high-performance solution that guarantees time savings and productivity.

Topographic surveys by UAV allow considerable time savings for areas of 200 ha per day depending on the desired image resolution.

Equipped with a GPS, the UAV captures geo-referenced photos over the area concerned according to a flight plan drawn up in advance.
The data is processed by computer after capture and allows the reconstruction of orthophotos.
The use of a UAV with GPS RTK and the laying of geo-referenced markers on the ground will enable centimetric precision to be achieved in terms of altimetry and planimetry.
From the photogrammetric reconstruction, it is possible to export several types of data: DSM/DTM, elevation levels and curves, linear measurements, cubature measurements, production of scale plans, superimposition of cadastral plans.