Our history

“The success of most of our achievements often depends on the willingness to put in the effort.”
Stanislas Leszczynski – The Beneficent Philosopher (1764)

Pierre-Philippe GUTH, Director of Ready To Fly Drone, developed his taste for aviation very early on. Practicing model aircraft since the age of 14, this passion comes from his great-grandfather who made aerial views for the Air Force over enemy lines during the Second World War.

Pierre Philippe began to practice drone flying as a leisure activity on club grounds as soon as drones arrived on the market. Very quickly technology made drones increasingly reliable, making them easier to use for professional purposes. He obtained his professional drone pilot license in 2019, counting a large number of flights while working in a French start-up offering 3D modeling and measurement software for construction professionals.

This inspired him to create a professional project using his experience, skills and passion, which ultimately led him to start Ready To Fly Drone.

Pierre-Philippe Guth
Director of Ready To Fly Drone